Preparing for a Casketed Funeral


Preparing for a Casketed Interment in the

Walker Chapel Historic Cemetery

Notification of a passing will come from the Pastor or the Chapel Office. The Chapel will be in contact with the family representatives and may pass on their wishes but in most cases, they will simply give you the name and contact information of the person to call.

You will also want the name of the funeral home and a contact there. The funeral director is required by law to ensure a proper funeral and interment. They will be an active participant from the start to the closing of the vault.

The steps below walk you through the entire process:

  1. The Family’s Wishes:  Contact the family and hear their wishes. Share the findings with the Chapel Office, the Pastor, and the Worship Ministry Team 
  2. Verify Site Availablity:  Lookup the gravesite in the cemetery records. Probe the site to ensure it can be used for the type of interment planned. 
  3. Mark the Gravesite:  Mark the gravesite with four orange poles and wrap the area with a banner between the poles to mark where to dig. 


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