The Wall of Memories

a legacy of personal memories

Our original plan for the Wall of Memories in 2020 was to use an actual wall for plaques commemorating major events in people’s lives which caused them to take a better path. In doing so, we would be creating our own history for future generations so they could know more about us and our times. While lofty in vision, the wall was to also serve as a source of income to fund chapel projects such as painting the exterior of the Chapel and refurbishing the steeple. 

Today’s technology is providing a guide to what a futuristic Wall of Memories might look like…a virtual wall in a digital cloud where visitors can come to the wall any time, day or night, by just connecting to the heavenly cloud via the Internet.

Your Memory

Each person, event, or place that changed the path of your life is documented as a personal blog…a Binary Log.   The words used, the primary image, and even the settings are customized to your wishes.

On clicking the Read More link, the page opens to a full page of text, documents, pictures, videos, and almost whatever you have to display and tell your story.

Click on the “View” link for Rear Admiral Grace Hopper to read the personal story written by LCDR Lawrence L. Danforth, SC, USN, on how their paths crossed many times and the inspiration Grace was to all who knew her.

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