Phase 1:

ETA: 3/1/2024

WALL & COLUMBARIA:  Replace the colapsing wooden retaining wall with a natural stone gravity wall with a curved staircase and three columbaria atop the wall.

Phase 2:


FIRE ESCAPE:  Removal and addition of a large cross overlooking the Cemetery.

Phase 3:

2nd Qtr 2025

MAIN RIGHT:  Landscape the right side of the main cemetery from the playground up to the tree line.  Coordinate with Phase 7, the landscaping along Old Glebe Road.

Phase 4:


COVERED STORAGE: Obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness from the County Historic Affairs Landmark Review Board (HALRB) to install a contemporary shed at the rear of the Cemetery.

Phase 5:

Draft Plans

FRONT RAMP:  Construct an access ramp on the grassy area south of the Main Cemetery Gate that will start at the sidewalk and meander south then north to meet up with Cole Plaza.

Phase 6:

Draft Plans

ACCESS PATH:  Construct a concrete path starting at Cole Plaza, running along the iron railing atop the new stone wall, and ending at the Memorial Garden.

Phase 7:

3rd Qtr 2025

WALKERS’ CORNER:  Upgrade the site of the original Walker Burial Ground and Nancy Walker’s stone with a new Walker’s Corner Meditation Garden and labyrinth.

Phase 8:

Just ideas

OLD GLEBE ROAD:  Landscape the border of the Cemetery that runs from the playground to the original Walker’s Burial Ground.  Include access points into the Cemetery.

Phase 9:

In Development

THE WALL OF MEMORIES:  Create a cloud-based, digital Wall of Memories to contain photographs, videos, audio recordings, and documents to celebrate a life-changing event for the memory’s sponsor.

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